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About Us

The Rose is a hidden gem, a speakeasy bar tucked away in the heart of NEW YORK CITY. From the outside, it appears to be a nondescript building, but once inside, patrons are transported to a neon paradise that is both gritty and refined.

The space is characterized by exposed brick walls and metal accents, which lend an industrial edge to the space. But it is the Pink neon lights that truly set the atmosphere of the bar. Our neon lights fill the space, casting a Pink vibe on everything and adding to the overall neon paradise theme.

The bar itself is a work of art, with a neon bar that lights up in Hot Pink. Behind the bar, skilled mixologists craft perfectly balanced cocktails using premium liquors, house-made syrups, and bitters. The drink menu features classic cocktails with a twist, as well as original edible floral creations that incorporate unique flavor combinations.

Throughout the evening, live music fills the air, adding to the vibrant energy of the space. Patrons can sink into plush velvet chairs or cozy up at the bar, surrounded by the neon lights that flicker and glow around them. Fragrant roses are scattered throughout the space, adding a touch of old-world romance to the neon paradise.

Overall, The Rose is a sensory experience that is both exciting and romantic, a place where patrons can escape the outside world and immerse themselves in a world of neon lights, great cocktails, and live music.

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